Transfer Day

After I got over my fear from the day before I felt really good going into transfer day. We went to breakfast at our favorite spot next to the clinic, Art Splash Cafe, and then headed to pre transfer acupuncture at about 9:30a. Everything was a little bit easier this time because we knew what to expect from each part of the process. 

As we get to the clinic for acupuncture we still do not know the status of our embryos because the thaw process happens only shortly before transfer. I have to drink a cup and half of water to make sure I have a nice full bladder for the transfer before we start the acupuncture then we are one step closer to getting our embryos! When I get done with the acupuncture CJ is sitting on the couch waiting for me and tells me how relaxed I look which I feel is very accurate to my state of mind. We head downstairs to the clinic and it is quite busy today but even with the hustle and bustle Cyrilene still makes a point to check on me from time to time as we wait because she knows I have quite the full bladder.

This time Dr. Skinner will be performing our transfer, so when it was time she greeted us in the waiting area and took us back to the office. Very similar to last time, she explained the process to us and that we only had to thaw 2 of our 3 embryos and they are GREAT quality!! Music to our ears :) That leaves one embryo still hanging out in Barbados hopefully for us to come back to when it is time for a sibling.

There is something about Dr. Skinner that is very genuine. I feel so confident in her knowledge and her ability that when she asks if I have questions I don't because I trust she has told us what we need to know and trust that she has and will do everything in her power to help us achieve our dream. CJ though is super curious about the thaw process - she assures him we don't put in the microwave haha, but that it is a complex process that really only takes about 15 minutes. I don't feel confident enough in the medical jargon to explain it with accuracy so I will leave it to the pros!

Lets do this embryos!

Lets do this embryos!

As we walked back to the area where we would prepare for transfer I see the face I have been dying to see... Lyn-Marie. As soon as she smiles at me I feel a wave of emotions come over me, I needed her there that day and was so happy she would be with us again through this part of the process. Side note: when I wrote previously about this process our first time I had her name mixed up with another nurse who was also awesome, but Lyn-Marie is my girl she has a very special place in our hearts! We also received hugs and lots of love from other nurses like Latisha and I just can't explain the way they make us feel when we are there - it is just a piece home. 

We prep, same as last time, blue gown, foot and hair covers, then follow Lyn-Marie back to the procedure room. Even though we have been through the process before Dr. Skinner and Lyn-Marie walk us through what we were doing and it was such a beautiful experience for us again. We were so thrilled to have two top quality embryos to transfer and just ready to take our babies home! 

After the transfer, first stop is always the bathroom for a much needed relief for my bladder, then back upstairs for acupuncture. As we finish acupuncture and come downstairs to pay our final bill we chat with some of the staff and say our goodbyes. Ralph the marketing director who we did a podcast with and chat with from time to time walked us out. Even as the marketing director he is so caring about our experience and wishes us the best.

I get emotional as I think back to this because BFC holds such a special place in our heart. I think back to a time when I couldn't even imagine doing IVF because I didn't have a team like BFC in my corner...I have said it 100 times but they restored our hope. They offered a team that we could not only feel confident in medically, but emotionally. They offered us an answer for every bump we hit along the way. They never let us wonder if we were doing everything we can they ensured that we were. 

On our way out of the clinic after transfer. We love them all at BFC, but hope the next time we visit will be a little while and not just us :) 

On our way out of the clinic after transfer. We love them all at BFC, but hope the next time we visit will be a little while and not just us :) 

This time, I am again proud of us. For each shot we do, for each med I take, for each time I go to my husband with fears or tears and how we know exactly how to handle things now. There was a time when CJ would try to fix things because that's what men like to do, but now he just holds me when I need because there isn't anything to fix that we aren't already doing. We have learned so much through this process and now just have to play the waiting game. I believe in my heart this process can work and will hold on to how I feel on transfer day through the two week wait. 

Until next time.....!

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