Barbados Here We Come... Round 2

I have thought about the day we would go back to Barbados to try again since we found out our first IVF did not take. For the last 3 months I have been getting a monthly shot of Lupron. Lupron quiets the Endometriosis and pretty much puts my body into a state of menopause. Needless to say I have been a real treat the last 3 months - oh holy hot flashes, moodiness, night sweats, and even insomnia. We also went ahead and tested my immune system in regards to my Natural Killer cells and Cytokines. I tested with elevated Natural Killer cells which means my body could be fighting off pregnancy, seeing the baby as an intruder of sorts like an infection. Here is more information that may be helpful if you are curious about this test. However, my good friends at Barbados Fertility Centre sent me my results with the plan of action we would take when it is time for our Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). So, every medical issue we have run into so far; endo and elevated killer cells were confronted with a treatment plan to help us get that much closer to our miracle and that is all thanks to BFC!

Through all of the treatment and waiting it was quite the ride these past few months, but we found ways to make light of it and pass the time knowing that soon enough we will be back in Barbados with our embryos!

Since we have 3 embryos in the freezer, so to speak, this process was a little different. I had to do my ultrasounds here with my OB. If you are in the west Georgia area or a surrounding area Dr. Tiffany Stanfill with Tanner Healthcare for Women is truly the best. She is so kind, genuine, and takes the time with you, I never feel rushed and she makes me feel like she knows me as a patient and a person. She and her awesome staff helped me work with BFC and made sure I was all set for our FET on June 8th! 

The FET process is a little less extensive then the whole IVF process which was nice, but still shots and meds to make sure our embryos have the best environment to thrive! 

  • Clexane injections once daily 
  • Progesterone oil injections once daily
  • Prednisolone 25mgs daily
  • Folic Acid
  • Aspirin 
  • Estrogen

I was actually excited to start the shots this time because it meant it was time to go back. I was so positive as we started everything and decided to just tell myself this is it and this is our time. Another part that helped as we started to get ready to make our trip to Barbados was all the support we have. Our family, friends, co-workers, and our friends friends were all thinking of us, praying for us - whatever it is they believe in they were doing. I felt like we had an army behind us and that meant so much. As a person who normally does not ask for help or share my issues I have learned through all of this that is no way to be. To be surrounded by such love and support helped us feel stronger and more positive about what is to come.  

I think as we prepared to go to Barbados we were both just so ready. Ready to try again, ready to open our hearts again, and ready for wherever life is taking us next. 


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