Peace & Transfer

As we walked to the clinic to do my pretransfer acupuncture and then finally our transfer, I told CJ that no matter what happened after all of this that I was at a great place of peace. I had peace with our decision to transfer one embryo and that I was 100% confident in the care we received with BFC. Prior to BFC, I questioned our fertility specialist, treatment options and I never felt 100% confident in them which makes the whole process toxic. We were and still are in one of the strongest places we have been throughout our trying to conceive journey - a large part of that is to us for working through each hurdle and finding ways to be stronger for ourselves and each other.

Another large part is due to Barbados Fertility Centre and the hope they were able to give back to us.

I wore my lemon shirt just for a touch of luck...Hoping today would be one step closer to making our lemonade :)

I wore my lemon shirt just for a touch of luck...Hoping today would be one step closer to making our lemonade :)

When we arrived in the Wellness Centre for the pretransfer acupuncture, I had to drink about a full cup and a half of water before we began so that I would have a nice full bladder for the transfer. Having a full bladder helps see everything perfectly on the ultrasound during the transfer. Acupuncture helps me relax on a whole different level. It allows my body to release tension I am not even aware of and settle into this calm, clear mindset.

After the acupuncture we go downstairs to the clinic and are greeted by Dr. Corona within a few minutes. She escorts us back to her office, we talk about the endometriosis and how we think this is a good idea to move forward with one because minus the flare I have no fluid in places there shouldn’t be and my lining is textbook. We are mindful of our odds still not being ideal since the endo can cause a not so welcoming environment for the embryo to implant, but we decided to move forward and remain cautiously hopeful!

She shows us a picture of our embryo, it is top quality! There is a grading system I believe ours was 2AA, but do not quote me on that. I prefer words like top quality, that I can wrap my mind around. Dr. Corona drew us a picture of the process that happens to the embryo and the implantation process once in your womb. She didn't let us keep the picture...she was not too fond of her artistic ability...we thought it was top notch ;)

We then were taken back to the same treatment area where we were for egg collection. Lyn-Marie, one of the nurses, gave us instructions - I needed to remove my shoes and shorts then put on the blue gown. We both were to wear hair and foot covers. Lyn-Marie was PERFECT for this day, she was also there with us on collection day and is just the absolute best at making you feel bright and positive.

We made our way back to the procedure room, hopped on the table, per usual, put my calves in the stirrups and then they tilted me slightly backwards. There is a small window behind Dr. Corona that connects to the lab where the embryo is being escorted from the tube, into the catheter and then into my womb. Lyn-Marie was doing the ultrasound on my stomach as Dr. Corona was placing the embryo and then made sure we were able to get a picture to take with us of the ultrasound screen.

This experience is unlike anything we could have imagined. It was amazing to see and surreal to get to be apart of each step of the process with a literal front row seat.

Our embryo has landed!

Our embryo has landed!

Once we were finished, first stop the restroom I had to pee so bad! Then we went back and talked with Lyn-Marie about our discharge instructions. She told us to stay positive and remember it does work. She said “you are pregnant and walking” which I adored because it gives you the hope that this could be it, this could be our time. She explained that after transfer you are not allowed to lift anything or do anything too strenuous that could make you “huff and puff” essentially. No luggage carrying for me! :) Once we were finished everyone gave us a hug as we left to do post transfer acupuncture and there was so much support, positive energy, and even love through that clinic. It was a wonderful moment we will cherish in our memory bank forever!

Our test date would be Monday, March 5th. Another waiting game for us. The two week wait can be so consuming, but I did have a sense of calmness during this period because I was confident that it could work, realistic about our odds due to the endo, and prepared with a plan of action if it didn’t work.

Leaving the clinic this day and during the two week wait I have never felt stronger throughout our time trying to conceive and that strength is what will carry us through no matter what comes next.

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