The Heart of Fertility Care - 1st APPT at BFC

The morning of our first appointment at Barbados Fertility Centre, I put on my black and white striped piko dress that I was wearing during an appointment at my previous fertility clinic in Atlanta when my first IUI got cancelled due to a false positive for Hep C on my blood work. I had deemed this day a new day and wanted to change the way I remembered one of my favorite dresses. I also wanted to symbolize how we were moving forward from where we were last year. Yes, it may be just a dress but it is strange how clothes can stand out in your mind in moments of grief. In those moments you remember everything, it is a real life still shot in your mind. Barbados and Barbados Fertility Centre is and was a beacon of hope for us and that is why I chose to start this new day in our journey by redeeming an old favorite dress.

Side note: it can be windy in Barbados so piko dresses are not necessarily the best call when walking down the street to the clinic!


As we walked up to the clinic it was emotional for me. I had looked at this place online, OBSESSIVELY, for 3 months. Even after we had everything booked and ready I continued to read online and stalk their Facebook page to read the success stories. Seeing it in person, it was surreal. Barbados Fertility Centre's sign is followed by the motto, The Heart of Fertility Care. There are no words more true than those and I will do my best to give it justice through the stories of our trip. 

When we first walked in I was so caught up, I walked upstairs to the Life and Wellness Centre, so we had a good laugh about that. When we got back downstairs we were greeted by Cyrilene and Rhonda. Cyrilene makes you feel like she has known you for years. Her and I never spoke before, but as soon as I told her my name she was on top of it. We waited shortly and then Cyrilene escorted us back to one of the exam rooms. After giving me some brief instructions, she paused before leaving the room and she gave me the sweetest hug. I, of course, began to tear up. She gave me the kind of hug your Mom gives you and it was just what I needed in that moment. I felt at home.


We did not have to wait long at all for Dr. Corona to come in and do the scan to see how the follicles were responding to the medication. I had not spoken to Dr. Corona prior, but through my obsessive scouring of their website I read an article she wrote, Explaining "Unexplained" Infertility, which I really enjoyed so I was excited I was getting to work with her. Dr. Corona explained everything on my scan to us so clearly and went over each part and what she was looking for as she did it. I did not feel rushed or like a number, I felt like I was her only patient and that meant so much. As far as the follicles it appeared I was responding well at the time on Friday, February 9th, so we would continue the meds and then come back for a second scan on Sunday. At this point the meds are getting easier to handle, I am pretty emotional, but not too uncomfortable. 

We leave the exam room and head back to work with Dionne, nurse coordinator. I had worked with Anna, the clinic director, over email in regards to starting the process and medications. She is a true gem! She is able to show exactly what to expect from the clinic and be an amazing person to get you started on the journey. You can tell she believes so much in the Doctors, the Staff, and everything BFC has to offer and she is able to help you see that before you arrive. I was sad I did not get to see her on that first day, but Dionne was fantastic! She helped ensure we had everything we needed and got us scheduled to come back that Sunday. She gave us some nice travel tips on going to Oistins Friday nights for the big fish fry and sent us on our way until our next appointment.

The biggest thing I will continue to highlight about BFC is the communication. It did not matter who you worked with in the clinic, everyone knew your situation in detail. I never had to answer a question more than once and was always greeted with the information versus me having to provide it. Communication at BFC is gold standard, 5 stars, it is above any other office I have experienced. 


Needless to say, CJ and I were beyond impressed after our first appointment. After we left we went and put our swimsuits on and walked the boardwalk. I must admit we were very confused on how to get to the beaches where you could swim and rent beach chairs, but if you just walk to the end of the board walk away from BFC towards Tapas you will get there! Instead we found ourselves across the street at Blakey's (right across the street from BFC) enjoying a Miami Vice... just one for me :) We earned it!

View from the boardwalk...beautiful! We loved walking the boardwalk while we were there.

View from the boardwalk...beautiful! We loved walking the boardwalk while we were there.

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