Barbados - Arrival

We arrived in Barbados at 10:00p. We had connecting flights from Atlanta to Miami then Miami to Barbados, so we were literally at the airport or in the airport all day. On our flight to Barbados, we saw this guy who looked like he was a rockstar back in his prime. He just had that vibe, I told CJ... "he has to be rockstar from the 80's", he just had the vibes with his longer white/blonde hair, v-neck with a blazer, layered necklaces and rings. We saw the stewardess who was also older ask for a photo. Later, we eavesdropped on the stewardess gossip, turns out it was Justin Hayward, a singer/songwriter known for Nights in White Satin. I was a little off with the 80's, go figure, it was a 1967 hit. 

Once we arrived, it was important that I take my Fostimon and Menopur injections as soon as we made it through security after landing since they are time sensitive. I did not want to have to give the injection to myself because of how bad they burned, so I looked for a family bathroom which I saw in the Atlanta airport, but expected not to find one at the airport in Barbados since it is smaller. However, they do have family stalls in each gender defined bathroom. I found two American Airlines workers and explained I needed my husband to help me with some injections and they so kindly escorted us into the bathroom and made sure people were aware that a male was entering and that it was okay. We did the shot in the family stall of the women's restroom and that was that... super easy and everyone was super helpful! A glimpse of what people would be like throughout our time in Barbados :)


We drove about 20 minutes to our apartment at Rosebank Apartments. The driver was kind and tried to show us certain areas we should go along the way, but it was hard to see and we were slightly distracted by being on the opposite side of the road we were used to. The driving is much different, very fast on small roads!

My view from the comfort of the bed. Don't mind our mess!

My view from the comfort of the bed. Don't mind our mess!

Once we arrived at our apartment it was nice to feel like we had finally made it. We got a great rate for the studio apartment. Staying somewhere for two weeks is not cheap and it was about $62 a night which was great for us. It consisted of a bed, small kitchenette, table, and bathroom, it was not glamorous, but it was very clean and perfect for what we needed. It was about a 5 minute walk to Barbados Fertility Centre which was nice! It also had a mall that was right up the street, a 2 minute walk, if that, which had a convenient store, bank, Subway, Urban Kitchen, Wok Up, and an ice cream place we enjoyed! These food places were cheaper than some of the nicer dining options for when we needed to budget a little bit more. The beach was right across the street, so about a 3 minute walk to the boardwalk from our room and it is breathtakingly beautiful!

Sandie who works at Rosebank is so helpful and arranged pick up and drop off to the airport for us. She is very responsive to email and we really enjoyed the convenience to the clinic and other areas, as well as quick access to the boardwalk for the beach! 

We finally went to bed on that first night and I was super anxious to finally meet the staff and Doctors at Barbados Fertility Centre. I could not quite believe we were actually there yet!


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