Anticipation & Consultation

We had our initial phone consultation with Dr. Juliet Skinner from the Fertility Center in Barbados today. I was very anxious for this phone call, could not sleep last night wondering how everything was going to go and desperately wanting to get the feeling when you know you are making the right choice.

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I had a recent OB appointment in between first reaching out to Barbados Fertility Center and the phone consultation. This appointment brought up some issues with the possibility of Endometriosis. This caused another choice to be made between IVF and doing the Lap procedure. I had finally gotten on board with IVF and felt ready until we were hit with another decision to be made. During the phone consultation, while our dogs are waiting patiently for secret treats to keep them calm while Dr. Skinner spoke.... I began to feel calm.

Finally, someone did not tell me we have unexplained infertility and breeze over the many issues and simply state so IVF is the best course of treatment. Dr. Skinner went over the issues that are still unseen with unexplained infertility from sperm and egg compatibility to implantation issues and with every issue she explained what she would be doing to address these unknown issues and possibilities - ultimately ruling them all out through a personalized process for our situation. I did not feel like a number assigned to a protocol or a process. I felt like a person with unexplained infertility and this is what we can do to address it and get pregnant. That is the goal, right, to create our tiny human.

I am excited and anxious, but for the first time I am not nervous. I feel ready for this next step and I have been waiting for that feeling. We have also been searching to find a doctor and center that allows us to feel like everything is personalized for our situation and with a few initial conversations with Barbados Fertility Center we have found just that.

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