Everyone Needs a Harlow

I will preface this by saying I am obsessed with my dogs, and I am perfectly okay with it. Chloe I adopted right when C.J. and I met in 2008. She is a little Chihuahua Mix, and she has been with us from the start. She has always gone everywhere with us - vacations, drive thrus, anywhere we go - she goes. She was a perfect only dog, and I thought she loved it too.

June marked a year of us trying to conceive and it was the hardest because it put us in that "infertile" category. We tried for a year - unsuccessfully - so at that point we we're diagnosed as infertile. It isn't easy to hear, nor is it easy to accept. I had been looking at puppies the month before because what about puppies does not exude happiness. I texted my husband in May and told him we were out this month. He texted back, "so is it time to get a puppy?" My answer of course was, YES!

We wanted a larger dog with lots of energy that we could take kayaking, hiking, and really just run around with. Little did we know we would be blessed with a perfect fit for our family, Harlow

When we first met Harlow in Woodstock, GA. She is a German Shepherd mixed with something REAL small.

When we first met Harlow in Woodstock, GA. She is a German Shepherd mixed with something REAL small.


I loved Chloe more than I thought I could ever love another dog, but Harlow is a blessing sent to us beyond what I could have ever asked for. Our family calls her, Marley, from "Marley and Me" because she is that dog. She is hyper times 100. She is Houdini, literally can break out of harnesses, collars, and crates. She eats anything she can put in her mouth and obnoxiously barks at EVERYTHING. A real charmer, right? But - she has the sweetest soul. 

C.J. and I laugh uncontrollably at her - it is like she puts on a show just to make us smile. She tries to eat the rain or catch the air when we drive with the windows down. She runs around our house like she is at a track meet. Chloe loves her to pieces - true best friend status. She has these ears that are like satellites - they are her best feature in my totally biased opinion. There have been times where she literally has hugged me and laid with me while I cried. She has brought us so much joy and happiness in a time where that is all we could ask for.

Every one needs a Harlow regardless of your situation because life before Harlow was quiet. The noise equals laughter, happiness, joy, and family.

I hope in your time of need you have your own Harlow - whatever that might be to you. 



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