To the Family that Dances


To the Family that Dances, 

I see your joyous smiles and the light in your eyes as you dance together.

I see the love you share that is beyond the written language.

I see your full hearts beating to the rhythm of the dance.

I see you not worry about who is watching because the only ones that matter are dancing with you.

I see you be brave for your daughter.

I see you be strong for your wife.

I see you be endearing to your husband.

Most awingly, I see your daughter light up your life. 


I will think of you.


I watch you with no jealousy in my heart. I am simply in awe of the life you have created, and forever grateful for the picture you have painted of what family means. I tell my husband as we see you dance that, I want that, and he assures me we will. In the future we will dance in a circle hands held tight and I will think of you. I will paint the picture of what our family means to me, and I will never forget the love you taught me with just a few shuffles of the feet. 


Keep dancing, keep smiling, and know you make a difference when you show your love to the world. 


Forever in my heart. 


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