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Finally our Lemonade & it Tastes so Sweet!

After 3 long years we can officially say...WE ARE PREGNANT!

Wilson TWINS coming February 2019!

TOur journey has been long, terribly difficult and ugly, but altogether beautiful.

We are so proud to say our twins are from a lot love, a lot of tears, a lot of support, Barbados Fertility Centre and IVF!



IVF #1: Successfully Unsuccessful

I am known for reading the last page of the book first. I LOVE the middle and the story along the way, so it doesn’t spoil it for me, rather allows me to see how everything unfolds and has its mark on the last page.

I encourage you to start with this blog, the end of our chapter, so that you could go back and read the middle seeing how each moment made its mark on our successfully unsuccessful IVF cycle.

We are so thankful to Barbados Fertility Centre and look forward to the next chapter in our story!

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What is your greatest gift?

Would you realize it if it was right in front of you everyday?